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Dear buyer,
The history of our brand already began several years ago. We are Lukas and Gytis, classmates since the 1st grade, were born and raised in a country side of Lithuania. Very beautiful place surrounded by lakes and forests. We were always passionate about woodworking. After we have moved and lived few years in a capital we decided to return to countryside were we grew up and open our own shop.



We prefer wood in our living spaces with its aesthetic and organic structure, visual beauty, wide usage areas and ease of use.
It is a warm material in terms of its psychological effect on people's emotions. It is a work of art that has been processed in a different style or naturally emerged due to its existing texture and natural structure. Since wood is completely natural, it is an ecological balance element and does not harm the nature.


All BudroDesign products are handcrafted in our workshop which is surrounded by trees and pure nature in countryside of Lithuania. 
We focus on making the finest quality products by ourselves as we believe that hand-made products, especially those that are made of natural materials, are more pleasant to see, touch, smell.
Furthermore, we see great potential in lighting, what it can become and how it can contribute to creating a more sustainable future and a healthier environment, therefore we combine latest LED technology with natural materials to create exclusive products.

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