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Living with wood

As one of the most popular natural materials, wood is an important natural resource, one of the few that are renewable. Wood’s diversity, beauty and connection to nature means that its uses in modern society can be both practical and aesthetically admired. Protected and maintained wood will last for hundreds of years and can be repaired, re-finished, adapted and recycled throughout its life in service. Therefore, our lamps are combination of modern minimalist design, energy-efficient eye-caring LED technology and traditional beauty of wood. Thanks to its modern design, it also provides a stylish decoration for your home, workplace and all living spaces.

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The story of 

The history of our brand already began several years ago. We are Lukas and Gytis, classmates since the 1st grade, were born and raised in a country side of Lithuania. Very beautiful place surrounded by lakes and forests. We were always passionate about woodworking. After we have moved and lived few years in a capital we decided to return to countryside were we grew up and open our own shop...


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Howard, USA

"Fantastic lamp. Minimalist design. Really happy with purchase"

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